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Brake Repair



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Brake Repair

Faulty brakes are a potentially dangerous problem to have. If your brakes are grinding or squealing when applied, it’s time for a brake check at Multnomah Automotive. The brake system is complex and needs expert attention to maintain safe working order. In some vehicles an Anti-lock brake system alert light will indicate a problem on the vehicle’s dashboard. 

Some other signs that the brakes in your vehicle may need repair are delays in the brakes reaction to pressure on the pedal, a sponginess in the pedal or the obvious squealing and grinding noises. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it means you should have your vehicle’s brake system inspected.

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Multnomah Automotive has specialized in brake repair for cars and trucks since 2001. We've been replacing brake pads, rotors, and diagnosing ABS brake system issues for years and we can quickly diagnose and repair your brake system. We offer a free brake inspection at Multnomah Automotive. If our inspection indicates you are in need of a brake repair service we will thoroughly explain what needs to be repaired/replaced and have you back on the road in no time.

Call our repair shop at 503-244-6388 today to schedule a Free Brake Inspection in Portland, OR.  

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