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Preventative Car Maintenance

engine repair

The average age of vehicles on the road is rising, and as cars get older, they require more service and repair. The non-profit Car Care Council recommends that motorists who own an older car, truck or SUV become more diligent about preventative maintenance. Your vehicle is a long-term investment, preventative maintenance is key in avoiding high cost emergency repairs in the future.

The best thing you can do as a car owner is find a trustworthy mechanic to do routine maintenance on your vehicle. If you are currently driving an older car, taking care of it is vital or you could find yourself footing the bill for hefty emergency repairs and rental car expenses. A commuter with high mileage also requires routine maintenance to remain road safe, consult a trained technician on when maintenance services like oil changes is recommended by your vehicles manufacturer.


At Multnomah Automotive, our ASE Certified technicians are trained for Factory recommended maintenance from your vehicle manufacturer. We are fully prepared to handle whatever your unique vehicle repair needs are. We also perform 30/60/90k mileage maintenance on all makes and models of car and truck.

You can schedule an appointment for service at our Portland, Oregon shop by call us directly at (503) 244-6388.

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