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Starter Repair



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Starter Repair

Starters eventually go bad with age and use, and like other vehicle parts they need maintenance to continue working properly. Internal corrosion, and rusting, broken gears, or melted terminals can cause a car’s starter to become inoperable. It takes an expert technician to pinpoint if it is indeed the starter that is malfunctioning and not another portion of the vehicle not to operate.

If your vehicle takes multiple tries to start or has begun to turn over very slowly, you need to bring it in to be evaluated by a technician at Multnomah Automotive. In worst case scenarios a bad starter will prevent a vehicle from starting altogether. In order to avoid this kind of thing we recommend having your vehicle evaluated routinely. 

Schedule Starter Service

Multnomah Automotive can help you determine if your vehicle is having an issue with the starter, the battery, alternator, or other electrical and power issues quickly. If your battery is good, it’s likely you’ll need a starter replacement. You can check your battery output by bringing your vehicle to us.

We can check all of your systems and ensure we are resolving the right problem, so if you are having trouble with your vehicle starting give us a call to schedule an appointment at 503-244-6388.

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