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Timing Belt Repairs

Timing belt replacements should be looked at as a preventative maintenance repair. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the timing belt at 60k-100k miles. The timing belt it critical to your vehicle operating safely and accurately. It is unsafe to continue operating a vehicle with bad timing belts, so come to Multnomah Automotive and we can ensure your timing belts are always replaced to factory standard as dictated by the manufacturer. Your safety is critical to us, so trust your vehicle with Multnomah’s expert technicians. 

There are a few signs your timing belt may be failing. If you notice oil leaking from the front of your motor or begin to hear a ticking noise coming from your engine it's time for a mechanic to take a look. Left unchecked, a faulty timing belt can create thousands of dollars worth of damage to your engine.

Waiting past your vehicle manufacturers recommended timing belt replacement time could result in catastrophic engine failure. If you are unsure of your vehicle's timing belt replacement recommendation please give us a call or stop by and we can advise you when your manufacturer recommends replacement.  By completing this preventative maintenance service you could be saving yourself thousands of dollars on repairs. Call us today 503-244-6388.


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