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Routine Maintenance: Tires

The tire is the innovation that makes cars and trucks the superior mode of transportation compared to other methods. When your vehicles tires aren't at their peak, none of your vehicle is. Balding, misaligned tires can be the cause of otherwise preventable accidents. Routine checks and maintenance of the condition of your tires will not only maximize how long you will be able to use them, but provide you with peace of mind that your vehicle is keeping you safe.

One of the most difficult things to maintain is correct tire pressure. If you are unsure of what your vehicles optimum tire pressure requirements are, our expertly trained mechanics are versed in all manufacturer standards. Proper pressure will ensure a safe, smooth and efficient ride. Let us take the guessing out of the equation, we can provide routine services to maintain the health of your tires and replace them when it's time.

The condition of your tires is crucial to your safety as a driver. There is no better time to start a maintenance plan for your tires than during National Tire Safety Week this May.


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